Wood Blinds


Wood Blinds

Warm, rich hues, contemporary paints and unique textures make wood blinds a perfect choice to lend architectural interest to any window.  Wood blinds are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit.  They are natural insulators, and perform especially well in applications where high temperatures are at the window.  Achieve any look imaginable with a multitude of options and upgrades including decorative tapes and cordless lift.

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Available Wood Blind Slat Sizes Comparison Photo.

The Image to the left shows a side-by-side comparison of the available wood blind slat sizes. Left to right: 1 inch wood blind, 2 inch wood blind, and 2.5 inch wood blind.


  • Slat Sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch & 2.5 inch
  • Assortment of Colors and Stains
  • Decorative Valance with Glued Returns
  • Trapezoid Bottomrail
  • Cord Tilter
  • Safety Cord Stops and Crash Resistant Cord Locks
  • Design Options: Decorative Tapes, Cordless Operation and Routless Blinds
  • Motorized Tilt Option is Available